Islamic Will and Testament - A Sample

Written by Nooruddin on .

The will gives the testator an opportunity to help someone (e.g. a relative need such as an orphaned grandchild or a Christian widow) who is not entitled to inherit from him. The will can be used to clarify the nature of joint accounts, those living in commensality, appointment of guardian for one’s children and so on. In countries where the intestate succession law is different from Islamic law it becomes absolutely necessary to write a will.

Witnessing Islamophobic Harassment?

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What to do if you are witnessing Islamophobic harassment?

This illustrated guide by Marie-Shirine Yener (aka Maeril), who is a 21 year old artist and illustrator from Paris, will serve as a best technique for the bystanders to help those Muslim victims.

Envier and Envy

Written by Omar Abdl-Haleem on .

SECLUSION FROM PEOPLE brings a pleasant life. Still, one must mix with people. So be cautious with enemies, for they may plot against you and destroy you. Yet be good to those who are bad to you, using privacy as an aid in your affairs.

True or False

Written by Shayma Parveen on .

“Did you finish all of my chocolates?”

“No.” Behind his back, Javid surreptitiously wiped away the last remnants of the chocolate stains on his hands on his pants. Frowning, Sarah stared at her jar, which had previously been half full of candies but was now empty. She cast one last suspicious glance at Javid, but thankfully said nothing more on the matter.

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