Written by Shayma.

Realism, a contradiction to romanticism, can be found in many aspects of daily life today. Something that can only be defined as an honest depiction, which had formed during the Industrial Revolution. The first depiction of history was given via

Rare exceptions

Written by Administrator.

The haj has ended and the last pilgrims are returning from Mecca. For China’s hajis from the Hui minority group, the homecoming is sweet. For unlike other religious groups in the country—Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang province,

Books of Tafseer

Written by Nooruddin.

The books of tafseer are generally divided into two. One is tafseer bir-riwayah or tafseer bil-ma'thoor and the other one is tafseer bid-dirayah or tafseer bir-ra'y.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as a Teacher

Written by Shayma.

This man is a glorious teacher for his people, as anyone can come to know. In this book, the author, however, more often than not compares Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to other Prophets in the Islamical line of the men who had been sent down to send the same message. Namely,

Witnessing Islamophobic Harassment?

Written by Administrator.

What to do if you are witnessing Islamophobic harassment?

This illustrated guide by Marie-Shirine Yener (aka Maeril), who is a 21 year old artist and illustrator from Paris, will serve as a best technique for the bystanders to help those Muslim victims.

Envier and Envy

Written by Omar Abdl-Haleem.

SECLUSION FROM PEOPLE brings a pleasant life. Still, one must mix with people. So be cautious with enemies, for they may plot against you and destroy you. Yet be good to those who are bad to you, using privacy as an aid in your affairs.

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